Genuine Printable Promotional Items!

OUR AIM is to satisfy our customers with the intension of providing them with whatever they require within our services. All our products are fully guaranteed and we stand and believe in Customer Satisfaction Guarantee Procedures.

Proclaim Enterprise aims to satisfy your every day need in respect of business promotions, appreciation gifts, celebration gifts etc.

Our printing are of high standard, our Modern digital printing machine is able to satisfy every area in printing business. This modern and hi-tech machine plus our experienced and professional staff we are able to meet your demands without delays or disappointments.

Our printings are from one colour to full colour. Business needs and Promotions.

Business Cards
Complimentary Slips
Business Gifts
T-Shirt printing
Business Invitation
Leaflets / Fliers

Among others, Proclaim Enterprise, as a competent and reliable establishment in the UK, we also do Souvenirs as well as Gift items which are of good and long lasting quality. Our Souvenirs and Gift items are an excellent way of showing your appreciations towards the patriotism of your customers, your appreciation to friends and families for their presence during your celebrations, or parties, be it Wedding, Birthdays, Engagements, Christenings and so on.

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Even though we have designs for every occasion, you are welcome to provide us with your ideas of designs, requirements, colours etc, because we will love to satisfy you within our power and to the best of your taste.

You have a choice of inserting your pictures or your loved ones pictures on all our designs.

YOUR IDEAS OF ART WORK or PICTURES could be uploaded through our site or if you have trouble uploading it, it can be saved and send to us on CD discs, USB or you can send it via our e-mail in any format.

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We also print

  • Business Card
  • Flyers & Leaflets
  • Corporate Folders
  • Photo & Photo Albums

Service of Songs

Booklet / Programme

Service of Songs

Large Format

Vinyl Banners
Roll-Up Banners


Promotional Stickers
Business Calendars
Personalised Calendars
Reduction & Enlargement

Our Souvenirs include

Address Book, Badges, Bags, Bookmarks, Clocks, Coasters, Compact Pocket Mirrors, Diaries, Fridge Magnets, Glass Tableware, Glitter/Snow Domes, Handkerchiefs, Jute Bags, Keyrings (Acrylic), Keyring/Openers (Acrylic), Keyrings (Metal), Keyrings/Opener (Metal), Mugs, Notebooks, Pens, Pen Holders, Rulers, Stickers/Label, T-Shirt, Wall Clocks

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